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My name is Dr. Sonja P. Brookins.  I was born and raised right here in Tampa Bay, and I want to serve as your City Councilwoman in District 1.

This election is bigger than me. This is about all of us and about doing what's best for our community. It's evident that our City Council is not reflective of our community and is not listening to our community. I'm running to change that narrative. I'm running to effectuate true and historic change. I'm running because I am not a puppet - I have no problem standing against what's wrong and standing up for what's right.

I've had the honor of serving this community as your Soil & Water Supervisor D-4 for the past two years, accomplishing much in a position that often goes unnoticed.  I've been an educator, a business owner, a mother, a grandmother, and partner of a disabled veteran. I've lived a lot of life, and I bring all of my experiences and all of who I am to my work. And I want to work for you—my neighbors. 

Tampa is an incredible, dynamic, diverse city, and it deserves leadership to match. That's the Tampa I want to live in, and I'm dedicated to being the change I want to see. With so much at stake for our city, good enough is simply not good enough.

Join me, and let's build a better future, together.

 Deadline To Register:  3/27 Register To Vote Here!

Vote By Mail Signup Deadline:  4/15 Sign Up Here!

Early voting:  4/17 - 4/23/2023, 10 am - 6 pm

Election Day:  4/25/2023, 7am - 7 pm 

Runoff Election Day

April 25, 2023 at 7:00 AM
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